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Colts Cast: A Bye Week Dive Into the Colts with George Bremer

George Bremer joins Matt Danely to dig into the current state of the Colts at the bye week hitting on a wide range of topics

With a little less to talk about in the way of news this week, George Bremer joined me to run through a wide range of topics involving the Indianapolis Colts. George and I get into an interesting conversation involving Andrew Luck, as to once he does return, whether or not he is an instant impact quarterback for the Colts or not.

We discuss some in a ‘buy or sell’ type segment on who should be returning to the roster in 2018, we look at the possibility of the secondary and the defensive line being strengths as the season continues and into next season as well.

We touch on the Colts run defense, a couple of unfortunate plays which have dropped them from where they probably deserve to be. Of course, as you know by now, the conversations with George are always entertaining and interesting to say the least.

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