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Andrew Luck Placed on Injured Reserve

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Chris Ballard announced that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is being placed on injured reserve. Ballard stated that the team’s intentions to get Luck back on the field were hampered by his soreness over the past couple weeks.

Luck received a cortisone shot and was immediately shut down.

As reported recently, Luck and the Colts consulted multiple physicians to look for the best course of action, and were advised to continue with the rehab process. This, in turn, leads to Luck’s chances of returning to the field this season nearly impossible.

“We were all optimistic that this was going to work out sooner than later.” Ballard offered, however, the doctor’s stated that they “need to be patient, you gotta be patient.” The good news is that there was no talk about Luck needing any further procedures, nor has any doctor suggested it’s a career-ending situation.

This isn’t much of a surprise as the process has progressed, but on the other hand, it does a couple things. First, it ensures that the Colts’ franchise player will not have seen the field in a game for nearly an 18-month span, yet it also shows that the team has been necessarily cautious in attempting to ensure the long-term success of the team.

The Colts will now have Jacoby Brissett for another 8 games to hold down the fort for the Colts.