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2017 Week 12 Titans v Colts: Second Half Open Thread Colts lead 6-13

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The first half of the Titans and Colts game has featured some things that are very familiar and some that are not. The Colts defense continues to be very tough against the run. Al Woods and Johnathan Hankins were able to team up to shut down any hope the Titans had to get thing going on the ground.

Predictably, the Titans attacked the middle of the field utilizing mismatches with large receiving options like Eric Decker and Delanie Walker on Nate Hairston and the Colts inside linebackers. This is where their offense was able to move the football and get into field goal range. Indy’s defense was able to stay tough in the red zone and not allow any back breaking big plays.

The Colts offense was not very creative for much of the first half and its predictability yielded only 1 first down in the entire first half. Brissett was still taking hits and sacks early in the game due to poor offensive play-call design and his inability to get through progressions and get rid of the football.

What was different is that in previous weeks the Colts offense got things going early in the game and put the team in great position to win the game. This week there was very little production on offense and much more vanilla play-calling. The only way to approach the second half is hoping that the offense will flip the script from previous games and come out showing more balance and running a scripted offense that gets the ball moving and puts some points on the board.

The biggest first half question-mark is Rashaan Melvin’s health. He brought in one of two Colts first half interceptions and came up favoring his wrist. The Colts can ill-afford losing Melvin for an extended period so have to hope that the results from his x-rays are favorable.

After trading field goal drives early, the Colts enter half time up 6-13.