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Colts Cast: Colts Offense Fails in 4th Quarter, Brissett Regresses in Week 12 Loss to Titans

Once again the Colts offense fails to sculpt long drives together in order to take advantage of the defense’s improved play

Through more than 3 full quarters the Indianapolis Colts rush defense held the Tennessee Titans to less than 15 yards on the ground. The Colts pass defense forced two interceptions as well. However, when it came to the Colts having to put something together when it counted most, they couldn’t.

Jacoby Brissett has gone back to showing some of his bad habits instead of progressing to the next level of becoming an NFL starting-caliber quarterback. The offensive line was equally bad, though. When Brissett is on time, he’s very good. But, when he has to reset his feet and is under any sort of pressure, the ball drops and so do his eyes leaving his feet to be his chosen weapon.

The Colts were lucky to have had a first half lead to begin with. The Titans’s offense was equally bad, and the Colts defense gave their comrades on the other side of the ball every chance they could have hoped for to get some points on the board. They didn’t, and looked inept after having the better part of two weeks to prepare for their AFC South foes.

This can’t continue, and Chuck Pagano eventually needs to feel the wrath of truth. I dissect the entire game and dive into some of the Colts situational issues on today’s Colts Cast.

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