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Report: Jim Irsay is “furious” about Andrew Luck injury situation

The Andrew Luck injury saga has appeared to take another nasty turn.

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Andrew Luck injury saga has taken another turn. Just hours after the announcement of Luck being placed on injured reserve, reports are now coming out that team owner Jim Irsay is “privately furious” about how the Luck injury situation has turned out so far.

The reports were then reaffirmed by 1070 the fan’s JMV, who’s tweet can be viewed below.

In hindsight things haven’t gone the way the organization had thought from the start. When Irsay broke the news of Luck’s surgery, he mentioned that “he will be ready for the season.”

If there is any truth to these reports then it would only further the notion that the Colts are dysfunctional from the top down. The lack of communication is inexcusable for any player, especially regarding the team’s best player.

It’s unknown who Irsay is frustrated with, but based off reports one can only assume that he feels the medical staff has mislead him on the timetable of Luck’s recovery - resulting in Irsay’s anger, however this is just speculation at this point.

Management has failed to surround Luck with the necessary pieces to succeed since entering the league in 2012. Poor offensive line play, and a below average running game has left the 140 million dollar man as a sitting duck in the pocket.

While the validity of this report is still in the air, all parties involved can agree that the injury situation has become frustrating, and has only left fans with more unanswered questions.