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Stampede Blue Community Wagers Competition: Week 9 Colts at Texans


A week after he ended TNutty’s winning streak, carlcoltsfan has started one of his own. Carl nailed 4 out of the 5 wagers but it was the tie-breaker that won it for him. There were several other members that hit 4 of the wagers but they all guessed too high on the official attendance. The overs were hot last week and I’m hoping however the wagers go this week, they result in a Colts victory. Let’ recap last week’s action.

Wager one was an over/under on sacks allowed by the Colts and it was set at 3.5. The fourth sack came on the Colts final drive and it proved to be very costly as it turned a 2nd and 6 into a 3rd and 13. OVER

Wager two was an over/under on total passing touchdowns by both offenses and again 3.5 was the magic number. Both quarterbacks were able to pass for a pair a piece and the over was once again the correct pick. OVER

Wager three was an over/under set at 44.5 regarding the longest play from scrimmage. A long catch and run by Joe Mixon in the 2nd quarter sealed the deal and kept the over as the hot pick. OVER

Wager four was an over/under set a 49.5 regarding the Colt’s third down conversion percentage. The Colts ended up a clean 8 of 16 to complete the sweep for the overs on the day. OVER

Wager five was a question of who would score first in the 2nd half. The Bengals got the ball first after half and eventually scored a touchdown on what was a pretty weird possession. The Colts won a challenge on a fumble but didn’t really win anything because the Bengals still ended up with the ball...a situation that epitomized the 2017 Colts perfectly. Bengals

The official attendance was 57,901. Carl went low with 52,250. A week after winning with the closest guess of the season, he wins with a guess that was over 500 off. Crazy. Carl is now entered twice in the end of season drawing.

Here are this week’s wagers.

  • Total interceptions by the Colt’s defense? Over .5 /Under .5
  • Total rushing touchdowns by both teams? Over 1.5/Under 1.5
  • What team has more passing yards? Colts/Texans
  • Total Colts turnovers? Over 1.5/Under 1.5
  • Will the Colts outscore the Texans in the 2nd half? Yes/No

Tie-Breaker: Official Game Attendance (closest without going over).

Please use this example as the format to wager: Over. Under. Colts. Under. Yes. 71,550.

Good luck and happy betting.