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Colts Cast: Fans Should Temper Gloom and Doom Outlook to Luck’s Future; Updated PFF Grades; Roster Moves

Rumors circulating about Andrew Luck’s career being in jeopardy should be taken with a grain of salt

It’s clear that the remainder of this season, and the bulk of the ensuing offseason will be completely cluttered with Andrew Luck rumors and speculation. As much as I’m sick of hearing about it, it has to be discussed and I go into why Indianapolis Colts fans should relax while they can.

Taking the career-ending rumors with a grain of salt will be good for your soul — we’ve heard the same rumors about another former Colts quarterback not too long ago and he went on to play in two more Super Bowls. Peyton Manning was 35 at the time of his 4 surgeries dealing with his neck, and Luck is nowhere near an elder in the league at this point.

His shoulder will be poked and prodded and another surgery may not be off the table at this point — to clean up any issues that resulted from his first procedure — but to assume he won’t be back next season just isn’t something I’m willing to do without credible information suggesting such a possibility.

For the show today I also go through some of the recent roster moves that are of note, how much interest there should be with a couple of them and what it might mean for the team in the very near future.

Additionally, we examine the Colts updated Pro Football Focus grades as there are a few donning the horseshoe who are inside the top-10 at their respective positions and some others looking poised to climb their list.

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