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T.Y. Hilton Named AFC Offensive Player of the Week

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

In a season where the Colts are in desperate need of any kind of positive news, here is some: T.Y. Hilton was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his 175 yard, 2-touchdown performance against the Houston Texans.

Hilton got the Colts offense off to a good start midway through the first quarter when he caught a pretty 45-yard bomb from Jacoby Brissett off the play action to get the first points on the board.

Hilton’s second touchdown came late in the 3rd quarter when he took a short pass and broke it for an 80-yard touchdown. It initially looked as though he might be called down at the Texans’ 32-yard line as he had leaped over a defender, but upon further review, he was untouched. Also, credit Chester Rogers with a nice little block in there that really let Hilton get free.

Jack Doyle was also involved in getting Hilton up and to finish the play after seeing him go untouched because of course, he was.

This team needs Hilton to play well for them to win games, and they need to continue to work to get the ball to him. This past week they did that and came away with the win.