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Indianapolis Colts: Week 13 in Quotes

Notable Indianapolis Colts quotes leading up to Week 13 vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While I would’ve loved to throw Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano’s super weird Groundhog Day/Sonny and Cher/hurricane presser on here, it was not included in the press conference transcripts by the Colts, and the video is not on their website either. Almost like it was a little embarrassing, huh? Anyways, Indy Star Sports posted it to their YouTube page.

Here are some of the more interesting quotes that I’ve found leading up to this weekend’s game.

I’m not going to make any excuses for him, because he got in early in the season. He played good against Arizona. He got nicked up. He’s never really been himself since then. In, out, up, down, missed a couple weeks – it’s hard. He’s young. He’s 20 years old. He doesn’t even shave. I mean Christ. He doesn’t. This isn’t easy, but he’s battling and he’s working and he’s out there practicing. He’ll get another opportunity. That’s how this thing goes. You’ve just got to stay at it. You’ve got to stay the course and just keep working. That opportunity is going to present itself, and if you’ve done the right things and you’re prepared and you know what the heck to do, chances are you’ll go out there and you’ll take advantage of it and you’ll play good.

-Pagano when asked why rookie cornerback Quincy Wilson hasn’t played.

No. We are moving him to IR (Injured Reserve). He’s not going to make it, unfortunately for Erik. We had a deadline there and we decided that, again, all these decisions are what’s best for the player and best for the team, but more importantly for Erik and his recovery and his health and all that stuff. He just didn’t make the progress that we thought he was going to make. He’s close, but we would never put him out there unless he could go out there and be 100 percent. I know nobody is 100 percent right now, but (to) risk further injury and things like that. The best thing for Swoopey right now is to go down and continue to rehab, strengthen that thing and get back for next year.

-Pagano when asked if tight end Erik Swoope was going to be activated from Injured Reserve this week.

It’s disappointing, but it’s the right move for the Colts to make. There’s not being 100 percent because you’ve played in several games and are dealing with routine bumps, bruises and ailments. Then, there’s not being 100 percent because you’ve been rehabbing from a knee surgery. If he’s not ready, you can’t force him out there.

He had a dislocation – first metatarsal. The bone that, it’s actually at the high part right by the wrist and goes in here into the joint. It came out and they had to reset it.

-Pagano when asked what exactly happened to starting cornerback Rashaan Melvin’s hand against the Titans last Sunday.

Knowing Rashaan, I’m guessing next week. Fortunately, it won’t require surgery. Have to pad it. I mean, there’s a lot of swelling and bleeding that you can imagine comes along with that. Put a club on it. Remember Darius (Butler) when he had his deal and other guys. 57 (Jon Bostic) had to do it and try to play with that. So hopefully next week.

-Pagano when asked if there is a chance that Melvin returns to the field this season.

We’ll discuss it and see where everybody else is. I can’t answer that right now.

-Pagano when asked if somebody else will be brought back from IR since Swoope is not.

The Colts activated offensive lineman Denzelle Good from the Injured Reserve list a couple of weeks ago, giving them one more person to activate if they choose. Naturally, many of their IR guys have undergone season-ending surgeries or have been otherwise declared out for the season. Others, we don’t know the extent of their injuries. Here are some of their options that may be able to come back as far as we know: running backs Christine Michael and George Winn, and inside linebacker Edwin Jackson.

Yeah, I’m confident. Really confident in them. 71 (Denzelle Good) will start at right tackle. 73 (Joe Haeg) at right guard. 72 (Mike Person) at center. 67 (Jeremy Vujnovich) at left guard. 74 (Anthony Castonzo) at left tackle. 62 (Le’Raven Clark) will be the sixth man up. We need a backup center so this Italian stallion we just signed, Anthony Fabiano, it’s good to have another paisan in the building. Probably will be the next one to come up.

-Pagano when asked if he is confident with the lineup on last week’s offensive line.

The only significance of this is Pagano basically confirming what we all assumed; Good is entrenched into the starting lineup now.

To be quite frank with you and to be honest with you, if you get concussed on a Sunday and you’re still symptomatic on a Monday or a Tuesday and Wednesday, there’s not enough days, correct? So I have zero confidence.

-Pagano when asked if he is concerned that Ryan Kelly will not play because of his concussion.

It’s very frustrating because the same thing keeps happening. Just got to find a way to fix it.

-Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton when asked about how frustrating it is for another game to slip away.

I don’t know. I think maybe we’re kind of panicking at the end with the lead. But at the end of the day, we just got to come together as a group, find a way to put it behind us and find a way to win.

-Hilton when asked about how to change games slipping away from them.

I did a two-fer on this because they both trail back to the same thing: coaching. When Hilton mentions that the same things keep happening, it brings to mind something that coach Rick Venturi mentioned on the radio this week. Generally, in regards to things with the team that aren’t going well, he said that he once told by another coach, “You’re either coaching it, or you’re allowing it to happen.”

If the Colts keep seeing the same things popping up on film that are going wrong, make sure it stops happening, or get guys in there who will.

When Hilton mentions that they may be panicking at the end of games with a lead, who is he referring to? Players don’t tend to be the ones to change things when playing with a lead. Perhaps it’s the coaching staff that doesn’t know how to handle a lead, and their panicked decision-making trickles onto the field.

Certainly in the mix, absolutely. Competing in practice and taking an even number of reps with the other corners that’ll be up for the game. We would love for Quincy to emerge as that guy, but we still have three good days of work left before we get to Sunday. He continues to make progress. He’s just like a lot of them. He has his strengths and weaknesses, and we’ve got to do everything we can to try to maximize his strengths and minimize the things that we do that expose his weakness. But, no absolutely. We would hope he’d be a guy that would fit into the mix.

-Colts defensive coordinator Ted Monachino when asked if they’ve seen enough from Wilson to be in the mix this week.

Between what Pagano said earlier and the week and this, this feels like a declaration that they expect Wilson to play in some capacity on Sunday. Of course, in their eyes, it’s all up to Wilson whether or not he plays.