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Colts Cast: 3 Things to Watch in Colts Vs. Bills; Matt Danely Joins Locked on Bills

To get you ready for the Indianapolis Colts Week 14 matchup with the Buffalo Bills, today’s Colts Cast takes a look at 3 things to keep your eyes peeled for. The game is likely to have several inches of snow in play, and we’ve just learned that Nathan Peterman will indeed be getting the start against the Colts, so to say the Colts have a chance at pulling out a win is more plausible at this juncture.

Also Kevin Massare of Locked on Bills had me on his show to talk about the game, Chuck Pagano, Andrew Luck’s situation this year and a bit about what the future holds for him and this Colts organization as they move forward under Chris Ballard and how Jacoby Brissett has fared thus far in his tenure with the team.

We also go through several aspects of the matchup and take a look back on how the two team’s seasons have evolved and some points of interest that have led them to where they currently find themselves. Enjoy a little pregame jibber-jabber before the 2017 Buffalo Snow Bowl. Instant classic, right?

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