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2017 Week 14 Colts v Bills: Second Half Open Thread Indianapolis down 0-7

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing could reasonably prepare a football player, at any level, to play in the conditions that the Bills and Colts are playing in today. Visibility is almost nothing, any wide receiver running more than 20 yards down the field will be essentially impossible for a quarterback to see and that is even if a quarterback would be able to get enough of a grip on the ball to chuck it deep.

If you’re looking for creativity, you will be out of luck. The passing game will be reliant entirely on exploiting mismatches and will require risk taking. The running game will require getting a clean shot through an open hold in the offensive line to generate chunk plays. Don’t be surprised if there are a couple of “trick plays” discussed during half time to catch flat foot opponents off guard.

The upside for the Colts is that Frank Gore and Marlon Mack could be dangerous, even in snow. The downside for Mack is that he won’t be able to do much to be elusive but his burst in a straight line could result in big plays with defenders having no traction.

On the upside for Indianapolis, Jacoby Brissett has not turned the ball over, put some touch on a short dump-off pass to Marlon Mack, and even wisely threw the ball away to avoid taking a sack. The officials initially called the throw an incompletion but later determined that it was intentional grounding. This is a questionable call but either way, he had the right thought in his mind.

The downside for the Colts is that there is no plan to generate any offense through the air. Gore and Mack are running effectively but when the Colts have attempted to put the ball in the air they haven’t been able to get anything going.

At this point, the game has come down to Kelvin Benjamin utilizing his size to catch jump ball throws from Peterman and LeSean McCoy having a couple of big runs. In the one meaningful offensive drive from either team in the first half, Buffalo took a first half lead 0-7.

The Colts will need to have at least one meaningful offensive scoring drive if they plan to make a run at this game in the second half.