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Colts Cast: Examining Colts Hapless OT Loss to Bills in Buffalo Blizzard Bowl

We’ve come to expect the Indianapolis Colts failing miserably late in games, but we can certainly say that the blizzard that presented itself to the area was at least a new scene for the same old show.

After looking back on this the Colts failed due to ignorance from Chuck Pagano (no surprise), a very questionable call which ultimately changed the outcome of the game and a failure to capitalize on a situation when given the perfect chance to end it in regulation.

Frank Gore was amazing, but so was LeSean McCoy. The Colts couldn’t pass the ball most of the game, but that’s how the Bills’ third-string quarterback led them down the field when given the shot. This season of the Colts is like a bad sitcom and needs to be cancelled, and Chris Ballard is the producer. Let’s hope that he can bring in a better cast, a new director and a fresh approach to the way the Colts play football for the immediate future, and establish a long-term gameplan.

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