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Fantasy Football Therapist’s Couch; Air Your Grievances!

The fantasy football playoffs are here. Did your team get screwed and is now on the outside, looking in? Tell us about it!

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The fantasy football playoffs are in full effect, and the NFL is already making it weird. Whether it was injuries, suspensions, weather, coaching decisions, etc., do you feel robbed by the fantasy gods? Air your grievances here on the fantasy therapist’s couch.

I’ll start by giving you guys my sob story.

My “home league” is one that I started and have been the commissioner of for seven years now. We’ve kept it to close friends and family, and we’ve had it locked to 10 teams throughout. That way, we have that fun banter back and forth and can talk trash comfortably. It also just means more when it’s people you’re closer with.

Most of us in our league have watched the entire series “The League”, and that gives us more motivation to make this a fun thing. We have a live draft every year — food, drinks, draft board, the works. We get together as often as we can on Sundays to watch games together. We have a buy-in with multiple paid awards at the end of the season, plus we have a winner’s and loser’s trophy. It is unequivocally the league that means the most to me, no matter how many others I am in each year.

Anyways, I have never won this league. If my memory serves me correctly, I’ve even made the playoffs every year except for one. I’ve made it to the championship multiple times, and have lost it in the most fluky of fashions. My wife has won it, meaning I’ve had the winner’s trophy on my mantle above the fireplace for an entire year and it wasn’t mine. It’s also a reminder that I taught her how to play fantasy and have created a monster that is capable of beating my team at any time.

I truly am Kevin MacArthur, aren’t I?

Week 14 was the start of our fantasy playoffs, and I was ready. I had the No. 1 team in our league, and I’d also scored the most points, so I was a legit top seed. I’d come back from losing players like Odell Beckham Jr., Deshaun Watson, Ezekiel Elliott, Carson Palmer and Pierre Garcon throughout the season. I drafted Andrew Luck and Terrelle Pryor and had still worked my way to the top. I definitely had a feeling of “This is finally my year!”

Going into the week, I felt good about many of my players’ matchups, but the feeling was nullified because of my opponent’s matchups. He had five players that I featured in my Week 14 “Fire or Flop” column.

Here, we have Thursday Night Football between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, and the week’s matchups had begun. Just a few minutes into the game and my second-highest scorer, Alvin Kamara, leaves the game with a concussion. I go to bed hoping I’ll wake up, see he returned and had a good stat line. Nope. 4.2 points. Not what you want from a starting running back at all — especially since my opponent got 38.34 out of Drew Brees and Mohamed Sanu — but still not the end of things.

Fast forward to Sunday, and things got rough from the start. Kamara, Ricky Seals-Jones (2.50) and Sterling Shepard’s (1.70) lack of production really hurt. However, the thing that murdered my chances was Josh McCown breaking his hand and putting up -1.46 points.

Meanwhile, my opponent’s lineup did really well, with eight-of-10 starting players scoring in double digits. Those five players he had that I featured in “Fire or Flop” all performed how I thought they would, combining for 85.74 points. He wins, 139.94-91.84. Fun fact: the same guy eliminated me last season also.

Here we are the morning after I’ve been eliminated, and it turns out that it isn’t my year. Again.

Enough with my fantasy sorrow; let’s hear yours.

Drop your story in the comments below!