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Indianapolis Colts: Week 15 in Quotes; Gore Somehow Earns Even More Respect

Notable Indianapolis Colts quotes leading up to Week 15 vs. the Denver Broncos.

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts put their snowy late-game debacle in Buffalo behind them this week to host the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football.

Here are some of the more interesting quotes that I’ve found leading up to this week’s game.

Ryan Kelly was out at practice today. He’ll go tomorrow and then Wednesday will be like a Friday; he’ll see an independent (doctor) and hopefully get through. (Donte) Moncrief, still week-to-week. (Rashaan) Melvin is out there; they put a club on his hand and he’s working through that process. Still don’t know where he’s at. Time will tell on that one. And (Darrell) Daniels is back out there today.

-Colts head coach Chuck Pagano on Monday talking about injuries.

With the exception of Moncrief, all of the other players that Pagano mentioned practiced this week in some fashion. It seems as if the reason they were all ruled out this week is because the game is happening on Thursday and not Sunday. I would think there’s a good chance they all play next week as long as there is no setbacks. Pagano did say they hope to have Moncrief back next week.

He’s doing fine. Communicating via email and text, making progress. I think everybody knows he’s in Europe somewhere getting some great treatment. Where that is exactly, you guys probably know more than I know. I don’t get on social media and all that stuff, so I don’t know.

-Pagano when asked for an update on quarterback Andrew Luck.

The following is an exchange in regards to the two-point attempt by the Colts that cost them the game near the end of regulation last Sunday in Buffalo:

Do you have any thoughts on the penalty called on Kamar Aiken on the two-point conversion?


Can you share them?

“I think it was a well-designed play and properly executed.”

A receiver can block within a yard of the line of scrimmage.

“You get a yard, yeah.”

Did you think that he was within that yard?

“When you look at the tape, I think it’s obvious.”

I imagine you teach your guys to be mindful of that. When you design a play like that, that has to be a part of it, right?

“Absolutely. We talk over and over and over and you show clips every week. Especially when you get down there and you get in the low red (zone), whether it’s a two-point play or you’ve got third-and-goal from the four (yard line), the five (yard line). The game is horizontal; it’s not vertical. Once you hit the 17-yard line, the field is twice as wide as it is long so everything starts to do this and naturally that’s where rub plays and crossers and pick plays – that’s where they all occur. So you’ve got to do a great job of coaching our guys and teaching them. Sanjay (Lal) does a great job. We ran the play right before, right, over to the right. I mean, great call, great execution and then, ‘Hey, let’s just flip it and go to the other side with it.’ There was no difference.”

No. Crazy question. I know somebody probably asked you to ask it. I could give you what Coach (Bill Belichick) said last night, the best coach in the league, right. ‘Give me a break.

-Pagano when asked if he cares about draft placement since every win hurts their placement and fans get worried about it.

Oh my gosh. If there was one person who played young yesterday it was him. Which is crazy, you just hand him the ball and it was just amazing to watch and be a part of. It’s crazy. It’s unbelievable. I don’t know how he does it and he’s ready to go today (Monday) so whatever he’s doing I need to start doing.

-Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett describing running back Frank Gore’s performance against the Bills.

No doubt. I remember we were on the plane talking and I was like, ‘Man, I’m kind of tired.’ Frank said, ‘What? You’re tired?’ He was like, ‘No, you’re out of shape.’ I was like, ‘Dang, all right. I’m not tired anymore.’ He definitely sets the tone for us. He’s a great teammate. It’s no surprise what he does when he gets the ball in his hand and what he does on game day.

-Brissett when asked if Gore silences other players’ complaining.

The leadership that Gore displays, both vocally and by example, is invaluable to his teammates. This is a true example of how that kind of leadership can have a profound effect on young players. For example, considering Brissett is a young quarterback, his experiences with Gore will likely have a large benefit for him in the future.

I think I’m showing people that if you love what you do, it shouldn’t matter what age (you are). As long as you train and love to compete, you can do whatever you want. I still have three more games, so I still want to finish strong and try to get an opportunity to try to get a chance to reach the 1,000-yard mark. If I do that, that would be real big because once you turn 28 (years old) as a back - I’ve been told since I was 28 what I can’t do or will I fall off this year. I’m out there and I’m still going and still having fun and showing people on film that I can play this game.

-Gore when asked if he feels like he’s showing people that he can still play at 34 years old.

Well, I’ve seen a guy that plays with a lot of maturity. He plays the game the right way. He doesn’t give the ball away, and that’s huge. I faced him last year when he was with the Patriots. After Jimmy (Garoppolo) got hurt, he came in and finished the game, and he didn’t blink. So, I was really impressed with his maturity and his poise to come into that football game versus our defensive front and not blink and just execute and perform, and he finished the game well for them.

-Broncos head coach Vance Joseph in regards to Brissett.

No, I have not seen anything like that before. I was in San Fran (San Francisco) when we drafted Frank (Gore), so I’ve known Frank a long time. Frank is obviously a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer and a first-ballot person. It’s fun to see Frank still rolling, man. You’re watching tape – it’s like a throwback. He looks like he’s 26 years old still, so it’s fun to see him still playing at a high level.

-Joseph in regards to Gore.

Yeah, that’ll definitely be cool. All blue is going to look real nice out there so ready to make some plays in that all blue.

-Colts cornerback Quincy Wilson when asked how he feels about the Color Rush uniforms.

I always wondered/assumed how much extra “juice” the Color Rush uniforms gives the players when they like them. Some of the Color Rush uniforms around the league have been heinous, but the Colts’ seems like they’ll look really good and balanced.