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Colts Cast: Luck’s Significance in Europe; Pagano Knows Black Monday is Coming; Colts-Broncos Lead Up

The conspiracy theory-esque talk lately about Andrew Luck seeking treatment in Europe has reeled in several fans from not only the Indianapolis Colts, but others who are hoping that their team may have a chance to land the quarterback in awkward scenarios.

Everything from the thought that he’ll never don the horseshoe again and will attempt to go elsewhere to the assumption that he’ll never wear any helmet again and that his career is somehow already met its zenith are circulating throughout social media and water coolers everywhere.

I was joined by our own Jared Malott for this mid-week show to discuss all of this as well as discussion about Colts’ coach Chuck Pagano and his recent pressers, how he couldn’t get away from the podium quickly enough Tuesday, and that it appears he fully understands that the Colts final game legitimately means the end to his tenure in Indianapolis.

We also take a quick look at the Colts Thursday Night Football matchup against the Denver Broncos and whether or not the Colts have a chance to get another win under their belt and much more on today’s Colts Cast.

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