A Colts Poem to hopefully give you a chuckle!

'Twas the night before Black Monday, when all through West 56th Street
Not a creature was stirring, playoff hopes long ago deplete.
The writing was on the wall, the team in disrepair
Fans hope that Pagano will soon no longer be there.

Fans turned off their TVs after an ugly display,
Embarrassed by the Texans on a December Sunday.
Another disappointing season, so let's recap,
Before the Colts' faithful settle down for a long winter's nap.

A loss to the Rams and in the front office there was chatter,
They thought that it was Scott Tolzien who was the matter.
Tolzien was replaced, they traded for the Patriots for Brissett,
In his first game as QB, his first OT pass was picked, no sweat.

The Browns came to town, winless on the season,
Lucas Oil Stadium was more full in the preseason.
Games with the Titans, Jaguars, and Bengals were losses thrice,
Beating a team above .500 would be nice.

In OT Vinatieri beat San Fran, one of the few players not rotten,
A long losing streak and a wasted year.
And the Colts managed to beat the Texans without Watson.
Then what to their wondering eyes did appear,

With a 14-point lead against Pittsburgh, the Colts were back,
Until they gave up 17 straight points to the gold and black.
In a blizzard the Bills ran all over the Colts and went for the kill,
LeSean McCoy looked like he was sledding downhill.

Chuck was remarkably still at the helm with his unending clichés,
Although everyone watching knows numbered are his days.
Now we know the last few games will be pointless and lame,
Chuck still whistles, and shouts, and calls them by name:

Now, Moncrief! Now, Hilton! Now, Doyle and Jacoby!
Rogers can come too, if he doesn't pull another hammy!
To the bottom of the league! To mediocre football!
An inept passing game will be our offense's downfall!

The Colts didn't make anyone kick their heels up and shout,
Instead it's now three years for their playoff drought.
Does Jacoby Brissett look worse than Morris, or Tolzien?
It may never matter barring future Luck injuries unforeseen.

Playoff hopes ended prior to the new calendar year,
Before St. Nicholas arrived with his reindeer.
Although from Chuck players get a pat on the butt and a whistle,
They're counting down the days until his dismissal.

He had a silver goatee and a deep receding hairline,
A brow that creased when he lost, like a confused bovine.
The owner hired this coach guaranteeing a Superbowl berth,
It was one of the biggest empty promises on earth.
But I heard him exclaim as he disappeared into the night,
"Maybe I should have chopped more wood, in hindsight!"

I have to admit, I borrowed a lot of this directly from:

Although I modified a lot of it too and put my own spin on it!

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