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Colts Cast: Diving Into the Latest on Andrew Luck with Will Carroll of Motus Global

Could the latest news of another possible surgery for Andrew Luck mean his 2018 season, or even his career is at risk?

As if the Indianapolis Colts and their fan base needed any more crazy news about their franchise quarterback Andrew Luck. Either way, they got it and whether you’re a conspiracy nut, or one of the more patient and optimistic types the news was mixed, but the results could be very concerning in the worst of ways.

As we know now Luck will be returning to Indianapolis to get back into a “throwing regimen” but a possible surgery could result if Luck still experiences the pain that he did before being placed on injured reserve. The surgery is presumed to be on his biceps tendon which could put him on the shelf again for somewhere between 3 and 6 months.

Colts fans are tired of this situation with their offensive savior and are understandably worried about the future of his shoulder, and the franchise in general if things don’t go according to plan. Here we go again with the consistent offseason story lines about whether or not Luck will play in 2018, or ever...

Will Carroll — of Motus Global — joins me today to dive into all that we need to know, how little we are getting from the Colts, what this procedure is called and what can be done to mitigate any negative affects. You don’t want to miss this.

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