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Colts Among 5 Teams Without Initial Pro Bowl Selections

The Colts have come up empty in the Pro Bowl selection process which could end a two-decade long streak

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Adding another insult to multiple injuries the Indianapolis Colts came up empty in the initial 2018 Pro Bowl selections. The Colts have been a mainstay throughout the past two decades at the Pro Bowl and this is the first season in a long while where there’s been a very good case to keep anyone from the team on the outside looking in.

As Kevin Bowen states in his tweet, not only has there not been a Pro Bowl in the past 20 years without a Colts player in it, they’ve sent at least 2 each year in that time span. There is still a chance that this isn’t the case, though, as it’s possible that one or two of the Colts could be named as alternates.

One position player who may stand a chance at getting the call is Jack Doyle. Doyle is 7th in receiving yards among tight ends (5th in AFC), but only has 3 touchdowns which may keep him deep in line between several others at the position. Otherwise, the most likely to find himself as an alternate is Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri.

Vinny is one of only four kickers in the league perfect on the year from 50-plus yards — with at least 4 attempts — and has only missed 3 attempts on the season placing him at 5th in the AFC with an 88.9% success rate among kicker with at least 20 attempts.

Other than those two, in my eyes, the Colts don’t deserve to have any other attendees in this season’s Pro Bowl. Even T.Y. Hilton is significantly down the list in receiving yards among his AFC colleagues (10th | 852 yards) which is quite the downfall from leading the league just a year ago. Even Rashaan Melvin, who has played fantastic football this year, fell to the injury bug and has missed precious time to keep his name fresh for consideration.

A case could be made for Anthony Castonzo, or maybe Jabaal Sheard or Johnathan Hankins if we’re simply looking at their play relative to the team’s lack of success, but the truth of the matter is that they just don’t stack up to the best in the league right now.

The real variable here appears to be the absence of the franchise quarterback Andrew Luck. His not being on the field this season has likely played a major role in at least 2, if not 3 players making this list. Both, Doyle’s and Hilton’s numbers would undoubtedly be far greater, and Vinatieri’s attempts and conversions would also logically be significantly higher had Luck graced the field this season.

The Colts are one of just 5 teams who do not currently have a player on either roster (Bears, Jets, Browns, Colts and Packers), but that is likely to change once the Super Bowl is set and injuries force initial selections to bow out. Sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Colts still don’t have a participant.