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Former Colts RB Trent Richardson Looking for Another Shot in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

One of the Indianapolis Colts largest rays of hope, while simultaneously being one of the organizations largest failures, Trent Richardson, may be eyeing a return to the NFL according to a descriptive piece on Bleacher Report. Richardson spent this past season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and after initially failing to bite on the opportunity given to him in the CFL, he indeed traveled north attempting to make the best of what love he had left for the game of football.

Regardless of whatever any of us want to say about his being a bust in the league, Richardson fell victim to the same trap that so many have before him — family and friends feeding off of him and sucking him dry. But, for what the fans knew, he simply didn’t live up to the hype that followed him from being the No. 3 pick in the 2012 draft.

In his short tenure with the Colts, Richardson was often overweight and never earned a starting spot in the backfield despite actually being in that position throughout his troubled time with the team. But for all of the issues he had while in the NFL — massively under-performing in Indy, getting signed and subsequently cut by additional teams without taking another meaningful down in the league — Richardson made the most of his time in Canada.

Richardson got down to his playing weight from his time at Alabama (225 pounds) and put together some very good performances for the Roughriders including a 127-yard showing on 20 carries in late October. According to the article, Richardson helped earn Saskatchewan a playoff berth before a knee injury forced him to sit the remainder of the season.

After getting his mind right, which sounds as though was a large part of his problem previously, it appears as though Richardson has his sights set on a possible return to the league despite the possibility of the majority of teams having a longer memory of his time in the NFL than he’d prefer.

Either way, it could get fun watching him trying to get with a team who will give him a tryout to see if his perceived improvement can translate back into the league that left him questioning all that he had worked for up to his draft day.

A final quote from Gerald Narciso’s interview with Richardson:

“I hope somebody gives me a chance, I pray that they do. If they do, man, they going to get the hardest-working guy in the NFL, on the field and off the field." — Trent Richardson