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Colts Sign QB Brad Kaaya off Detroit Lions Practice Squad

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have added to the numerous avenues of speculation regarding the quarterback position by adding another former Miami Hurricane quarterback to the 53-man roster today. Colts fans should be used to this song and dance by now.

If history is a guide, this signing is a precursor to watching him flourish in limited time during the 2018 preseason only to get cut, against the collective wishes of the fan base, for some journeyman career backup who is clearly worse at football. This will all be according to a master plan because, dear Lord baby Jesus, this seasoned backup is a maestro with the clipboard, right?

This is what happened with Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris this past year, so it’s not like we are without precedent.

Brad Kaaya played three full seasons at Miami and got better every year but ultimately left a year too early (forcing the Hurricanes to recruit a kid from the baseball team to play QB this year). Kaaya is 6”4’, 210 pounds and he’s bounced around the league so far — he has been on three teams this year after being drafted in the sixth round by Detroit.

I’m assuming the Colts have realized that Tolzien has a noodle arm and with Andrew Luck coming back off a long surgery recovery, you don’t need clipboard holders. Instead, you need bodies that can give these receivers legitimate reps until #12 feels like throwing hard again.

Many people are saying that this move signifies that Luck’s career is over, that it only solidifies the ideas that Tolzien is garbage, and that Jacoby Brissett plays below replacement level football. I’d guess all those are true.

I’m not impressed by Kaaya, mostly because of how Brad left Miami and how this is yet another kid whose parents put him where he is and not his talent, right? His dad wrote “O”, his mom’s an actress and was in “Friday” but obviously Kaaya’s football play is below par. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t be rotating through practice squads until he falls out of the league and inevitably ends up on a college football sideline screaming drunkenly at a camera while Mark Richt fills Coral Gables with W’s for the next decade or four.

That said, Kaaya is about to become a Colt for the unforeseeable future and depending on how barely average Brissett plays on Saturday, he may even step in and see some time. My thoughts are that at this point, Brissett has minimal trade value to other teams due to his play and Kaaya possibly has potential value in the future and the benefit of not putting together a ton of garbage film? I suppose the teams he’s been on so far have their starting QB in Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford, so maybe it’s just about speculating on future value.

The Colts have locked up a top-three pick in the upcoming draft and it appears as though there are a bevy of quarterbacks that will be evaluated as potential starters next year. At this point, I feel there are four rookie quarterbacks in this draft class that have “starter” written on them and I expect that Brad will be evaluated alongside them, as the uncertainty surrounding the terms of Luck’s return stay forever in limbo.

Are Jacoby/Brad/Scott the future of this franchise?

Is Andrew Luck’s career over?

How in the world do all these men on the Colts coaching staff sleep at night knowing they’ve put a generational talent’s career on the fritz?

I’m kidding, mostly.

I’m not sure who reads this, but did everyone hear that Chuck has told the squad this is their last rodeo together? If that didn’t tickle you in places that need tickled, then I’m not so sure what you’ve all been so upset about the last... six years.