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Colts Cast: Examining Colts Head Coaching Candidates; Listener Call-Ins

Matt Danely and Brett Mock discuss a ton of potential head coaching candidates as Chuck Pagano’s tenure is presumably coming to an end

Today’s Colts Cast is almost entirely dedicated to taking a look at the bevy of head coaching candidates who could potentially be getting calls to interview with the Indianapolis Colts.

Brett Mock joins me as we examine all of the names that have already been out in the ether, but we go further in looking at some of those names who may be getting some consideration but aren’t getting the talk around the networks.

We also take some listener calls, get some great questions about possible coordinators as well as what the consideration should be for a guy like Bruce Arians. Within the conversation we also discuss how the Colts future coach could go about bringing in a “dream combo” of offensive and defensive coordinators, and what would be necessary to get that done.

Who is your top pick for the Colts next coach? What is your dream scenario for the package including coordinators?

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