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Stampede Blue’s NFL Week 17 Staff Picks

The Stampede Blue staff is back to round out the regular season picks with the NFL Week 17 slate of games

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the final week of the Indianapolis Colts 2017 season. Mercifully, around 4:30 ET will mark the end of the year, but the beginning of a new chapter and hopefully will mark the return of Andrew Luck. Additionally, we’re getting into the finality of the regular season and head into the playoffs and there are plenty of meaningful games to be seen.

Team’s respective fan bases are either looking forward to see where their team will be seeded after this weekend, examining how far their team can take the season or are waiting to see where their team will be drafting in April. There are a lot of those right now.

But, some of the matchups that mean something right now are basically the entire NFC South. We spoke about this last week, but ultimately the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers are holding the same record and gets interesting for the rest of the NFC teams fighting for a spot in the postseason.

Also, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots are still technically fighting for that No. 1 seed in the AFC. It seems highly unlikely that the Patriots could fall to the New York Jets at this point, but that’s the only way the Steelers can surpass them.

The Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens are all still in the running for the post season and with the Ravens needing a lot to go wrong to miss out, the Titans needing a huge win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans won their initial matchup, but both are very different teams since that first meeting.

Among the best games of the week are those with real implications, but I can’t help but see a sneaky good game between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants. Also, in spite of the report that the Rams will be sitting Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald this week for rest, their matchup with the San Francisco 49ers could still hold some excitement with Jimmy Garoppolo now being factored in.

All in all, it should be a good Week 17 slate full of highs and lows as well as shear relief from others. Here’s to picking the Wild Card round next week.

This week the following contributors voted on each game: Brett Mock, Matt Danely, Josh Hudgens, Stephen Reed, Cody Felger, Chris Shepherd, Andrew Aziz, Jared Malott and Jake Arthur. Again, our group voted ‘winners’ which have been bolded, with the vote counts in parenthesis and unanimous predictions were noted by an asterisk (*).

Thus far the staff’s numbers are: Faraz Majid – 68/105 (64.8%) | Brett Mock – 148/227 (65.2%) | Chris Blystone – 132/211 (62.6%) | Matt Danely – 137/227 (60.4%) | Andrew Aziz – 135/212 (63.7%) | Jake Arthur – 132/199 (66.3%) | Jared Malott – 136/214 (63.6%) | Stephen Reed – 131/215 (60.9%) | Chris Shepherd – 131/214 (61.2%) | Josh Hudgens – 87/135 (64.4%)

Sunday @ 1:00 ET

Packers @ Lions (8) – Contrarian: Chris Shepherd

Texans @ Colts (7) – Contrarians: Cody Felger, Stephen Reed

Jets @ Patriots*

Cowboys @ Eagles (5) – Contrarians: Andrew Aziz, Brett Mock, Josh Hudgens, Shepherd

Bears @ Vikings*

Browns @ Steelers (8) – Contrarian: Shepherd

Redskins (6) @ Giants – Contrarians: Shepherd, Felger, Reed

Sunday @ 4:25 ET

Bills (7) @ Dolphins – Contrarian: Jared Malott, Felger

Raiders @ Chargers*

49ers (5) @ Rams – Contrarians: Shepherd, Mock, Malott, Hudgens

Chiefs* @ Broncos

Jaguars (7) @ Titans – Contrarians: Josh Hudgens, Reed

Bengals @ Ravens (8) – Contrarian: Matt Danely

Cardinals @ Seahawks (8) – Contrarian: Felger

Panthers @ Falcons (7) – Contrarians: Felger, Shepherd

Saints* @ Buccaneers