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Colts Cast: What We Learned from Andrew Luck’s Presser

Matt Danely plays, and reacts to Andrew Luck’s first time with the media in months

Let’s just say that there’s a lot to unpack from Andrew Luck’s first press conference in a very long time. First and foremost, the Colts allowed Luck nearly 18 with the local media likely as a piece offering for making him a ghost throughout so much of his recovery/rehab process.

Luck was very candid in his time answering questions and didn’t hold much back. More importantly, he quelled several of the rumors that have been thrown around over the past several months and likely gave the fan base a moment to exhale.

Among other things, Andrew Luck stated that he doesn’t feel he needs another surgery, and that he has no issues with the Colts organization. He looked great, physically, a far cry from the oddly slim version of him we saw not long ago.

But, there were some additional points of reference that I looked at from his time with the press today.

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