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Indianapolis Colts: Week 14 in Quotes; Gore Reflecting on Potential Final Four Games of Career

Notable Indianapolis Colts quotes leading up to Week 14 vs. the Buffalo Bills.

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts are a mere four weeks away from being put out of their misery. This week, they travel to the snowy northeast to take on the Buffalo Bills and their power bomb-loving fan base.

Here are some of the more interesting quotes that I’ve found leading up to this weekend’s game.

Pierre (Desir), unfortunately he’s got a muscle tear and he’s going to land on IR (Injured Reserve). Really proud of what Pierre has done for us and his teammates and the Shoe. He’s a really good kid and a good player and it’s a shame, but it looks like his season is obviously over.

-Colts head coach Chuck Pagano this week addressing injuries following last Sunday’s loss against the Jaguars.

We’ve used up all our (designated to returns).

-Pagano when asked if running back Robert Turbin could return from IR before season’s end.

As soon as you start to practice – (Erik) Swoope. 26 (Clayton Geathers) wasn’t involved in that because of where he started (Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List), but Denzelle (Good) was one and Swoopey was two. As soon as they hit the field and they start practicing, it’s over. Game over, whether he makes it back to the field. You have to revert him back to IR unfortunately.

-Pagano when asked if the Colts had one more player they could designate to return from IR.

The understanding was that the Colts had one more player they could bring back from IR since Erik Swoope was not able to make it back to the active roster. Pagano explains the rule here.

Yeah, we’ve talked at length. I don’t know how much more we can talk about it. It’s all 11 (players). Everybody has got to be executing – the offensive line, the tight ends, the backs, the communication, the protections, the ID’s – changing them, we motion, we do this, defenses adjust certain ways. Initial protection could be changed; could be a new Mike ID. Routes have got to be perfect; they’ve got to be precise. You’ve got to deal with coverage adjustments and disguise. There are a lot of things that go into it. It doesn’t fall on just one guy.

-Pagano on if the sacks that the Colts are giving up are solely on the offensive line and asked if there is anything that quarterback Jacoby Brissett can do to get rid of the ball quicker.

Many people have pointed towards just one thing being the cause of the Colts’ sacks, whether it’s the offensive line or Brissett holding onto the ball for too long. However, Pagano explains that it truly has been a breakdown of the entire offensive unit at times. Everyone shares the blame.

Win. Just want to win. Try to finish strong as a team and see where it goes. For me, I’ll see what I want to do after the season. Evaluate my body, see how my body is feeling and then go from there.

-Colts running back Frank Gore when asked what he wants to get done in the final four weeks.

I want to finish strong. I want to finish strong with my teammates, and I also want to go out there and try to get the opportunity to try my best to reach 1,000 (rushing) yards. I feel like I’ve got a chance, and I’ll evaluate myself after the season and see how my body is feeling. If I still love it, then I’ll come back.

-Gore when asked if he feels like the decision on his future will come down to the next four weeks.

It’ll be great. I’m happy to see him grow just from camp to now. Seeing him be a better inside runner. He always had speed. He’s doing whatever I say. Nowadays, the young kids are very different, but he’s a guy who listens to me, coach him up and tell him the right things. He’s willing to do whatever it takes. For me, whenever I’m done and I see him have success, that’s a plus too. I’ll be playing through him. That’ll be a plus.

-Gore when asked how much he will savor the last four games with rookie running back Marlon Mack, who Gore has grown very close to.

On those plays we had miscommunication, which is never a good thing. You have to be on the same page. You can’t be playing two different defenses – one guy is doing this, one guy is doing that. We have to be on the same page. At the end of the day, it’s never acceptable.

-Colts rookie nickel Nate Hairston regarding some of his positive play last Sunday despite surrendering a couple of touchdowns.

There are young, somewhat unpolished guys out here playing in the secondary for the Colts, so mental struggles should absolutely be expected. However, it seems as if the explanation all year for big plays given up has been communication breakdowns. That doesn’t seem like something that should be plaguing the defense as badly as it is 14 weeks into the season.