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Could the Colts be on Hard Knocks this summer?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp

Something we noted in December was that there was a possibility the Colts could be forced to do Hard Knocks next year.

It turns out that possibility is now a reality. The HBO show started in 2001 and chronicles a team throughout training camp in a series of episodes. Not every team can be forced to do it, though. That only applies if a team meets all three aspects of the criteria:

  • A team with the same head coach, which fits the Colts this year since they’re keeping Chuck Pagano. Teams who make a coaching change are exempt.
  • A team that has missed the playoffs in each of the last two years, which certainly fits the Colts too.
  • A team that hasn’t appeared on Hard Knocks in the last decade, which fits the Colts since they’ve never appeared on the show.

Because of all that, the Colts could possibly be appearing on the show this summer. They could be forced to do it, as could the Bears, Browns, Buccaneers, Eagles, Ravens, Saints, and Titans. Out of that group, I’d think the Colts would make the most sense from a viewership standpoint. The Colts have a franchise quarterback in place in Andrew Luck and they have an exciting new GM in Chris Ballard who will be trying to turn things around in Indianapolis - plus, fans of other teams would love to have more material to make fun of Chuck Pagano, I’m sure.

Of course, a team could always volunteer to be on the show - and I’m sure that won’t be the Colts. Rather, I’m sure they’re hoping someone else does volunteer, because Hard Knocks really doesn’t seem like the kind of thing the Colts would be interested in. But it’s possible they won’t have a choice, since they meet the criteria.

I think some fans would probably find it interesting, however, as you’d get an inside look at the Colts’ training camp. But what are your thoughts on this? Would you like the see the Colts on Hard Knocks or not?