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The MMQB lists several potential free agent matches for the Colts

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens

The Indianapolis Colts have a lot of needs they could address this offseason, particularly on the defensive side of the football. that much is obvious to anyone who watched them play a game last year (or the year before... or the year before that.... or, well, you get the point).

New general manager Chris Ballard has emphasized the need to develop their own talent through the draft, but he also hasn’t ruled out making some moves in free agency - which makes sense, as the Colts are projected to have around $54 million in cap space. But who might they be interested in when it comes to free agent signings?

Earlier this week, the MMQB’s Andy Benoit looked at the top 25 free agents-to-be who are poised to get much richer, and for each of them he listed a few teams that could be potential matches. There were six of them that he listed as potential matches for the Colts (h/t to’s Andrew Walker):

Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams

Cardinals defensive tackle Calais Campbell

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul

Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower

Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson

Packers defensive back Micah Hyde.

Those were the six players out of the 25 free agents that he mentioned as potential matches for the Colts, but I’m sure it took some self-restraint to limit it to just six, as I’m sure there were plenty of other free agents that would be considered matches for the Colts as well.

You’ll notice a theme among the players Benoit mentioned, however: they’re defenders. That’s certainly likely to be the team’s top priority this offseason, and there’s no doubt that the guys he mentioned would help Indianapolis greatly. They would shore up the defensive line (and Ballard is big on winning in the trenches), or add a pass rusher, or add an inside linebacker, or add help in the secondary - or some combination of them.

Adding some of these guys would mean that the Colts would have to spend significant money, but since they have that cap space to work with and desperately need help on the defensive side of the ball, it shouldn’t be ruled out. Which of the free agents mentioned would you be most excited about the Colts adding?