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Margus Hunt’s biggest impact with the Colts could come on special teams

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts’ signing of Margus Hunt on Monday night was mainly greeted by fans with a shrug, with most noting that it’s likely nothing more than a flier on a guy who at the very least should provide competition, depth, and special teams help.

It’s that latter area where he might prove especially valuable, if indeed he does make the 53-man roster. Hunt has made an impact on special teams in his career, and just last year alone he blocked three kicks for the Bengals. His two blocked extra points and one blocked field goal made him the NFL leader in blocked kicks in 2016. But that’s nothing new for him, as during his collegiate career at SMU he blocked 17 kicks (second-most in NCAA history) including ten field goals (most in NCAA history).

So if Margus Hunt makes the roster, we can expect to see him playing on special teams for the Colts, and you never know how valuable a blocked kick can wind up being. His 6-8 frame puts him in a good position to block kicks, and he’s taken advantage of that.

In that regard, it makes sense for the Colts to take a flier on him. The former second round project has far from lived up to that hype, as he’s recorded just 1.5 sacks in four seasons and has never started a game. The Bengals didn’t re-sign him this offseason, but he found a job with the Colts. He hasn’t produced on the defensive side of the ball, but he’s hoping that will change in Indianapolis since he’ll be in a 3-4 system.

While the Colts will give him the chance to compete at defensive end, Hunt’s biggest contribution will likely come on special teams. His size and ability to block kicks could come in handy, and that helps make sense of why the Colts signed him in the first place. They’re taking a flier on a guy who they hope may suddenly be able to contribute defensively, but if not is a guy who has value on special teams and can add depth at defensive end.