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No Colts 2013 draft pick received a second contract from the team

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos

The 2013 draft class was a disaster for the Indianapolis Colts, but they weren’t alone.

That was a rough draft for pretty much the entire league, and in fact the Colts are one of five teams to have zero members of that draft class still with the team that drafted them, along with the Bills, Browns, Broncos, and Jaguars.

With the signing of Hugh Thornton by the Falcons this afternoon, however, it became official that none of the Colts’ seven draft picks from that class earned a second contract with the team. That’s not good, especially for a team lacking in talent, and though it’s old news it’s still relevant today to take a look at that draft class.

Here’s a look at the players the Colts took (the round is in parenthesis) and how long they spent with the team:

Bjoern Werner, DE/OLB (1): 2013-2015 with Colts (38 games played/16 games started); cut March 2016; signed with Jaguars & cut after 2016 preseason; announced retirement in January 2017

Hugh Thornton, G (3): 2013-2016 with Colts (37 games played/32 games started); not re-signed in March 2017; signed with Falcons in 2017

Khaled Holmes, C/G (4): 2013-2015 with Colts (17 games played/9 games started); cut May 2016; signed with Bears & cut after 2016 preseason; signed futures contract with Giants in 2017

Montori Hughes, DL (5): 2013-2014 with Colts (16 games played/1 game started); cut after 2015 preseason; spent time with Giants on practice squad and active roster in 2015 and 2016; signed futures contract with Chiefs in 2017

John Boyett, S (6): cut during 2013 preseason; spent time on Broncos practice squad in 2013 and 2014

Kerwynn Williams, RB (7): 2013 (1 game played); cut before 2013 regular season began; spent time on Colts’ practice squad and one game on active roster; spent time on Chargers’ practice squad in 2013 but cut during training camp in 2014; signed with Cardinals in 2014 and is still there

Justice Cunningham, TE (7): 2013 (1 game played); cut after 2013 preseason; spent time on Colts’ practice squad and one game on active roster; spent 2013-2015 with Rams on practice squad and active roster; cut after 2016 preseason

So if you’re keeping a tally, of the seven picks from that Colts draft class three of them are out of the league entirely while four of them are on other teams’ rosters this offseason. John Boyett never made it past his rookie preseason with the team, while Kerwynn Williams and Justice Cunningham were waived during the 2013 season. Montori Hughes was cut after the 2015 preseason, Bjoern Werner and Khaled Holmes were cut in the 2016 offseason, and Hugh Thornton wasn’t re-signed in 2017.

Again, this isn’t a problem unique to just the Colts, as a number of teams had terrible 2013 draft classes. But it was a costly one for the Colts to miss on in the second year of Ryan Grigson’s rebuild of the roster, and for years we’ve seen the results of how disapointing of a class it was. Today, it became official that none of the seven players will have earned a second contract from the Colts.