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Colts list jersey numbers for nine of their free agent signings

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts have been busy in free agency, signing ten free agents so far. There’s plenty of things to talk about regarding the free agent class, but one thing some have wondered about is what number the players will wear.

The team today updated their roster with jersey numbers for most of the free agents they’ve signed (everybody but Kamar Aiken), so you can have an idea of what numbers to be looking for later this summer and fall when the team takes the field.

Jeff Locke, P - number 9

John Simon, OLB - number 51

Barkevious Mingo, OLB - number 52

Sean Spence, ILB - number 55

Brian Schwenke, C/G - number 66

Al Woods, NT - number 68

Brandon Williams, TE - number 85

Jabaal Sheard, OLB - number 93

Margus Hunt, DE - number 94

The most obvious jersey number note that stands out is that Dwight Freeney’s number 93, which was worn by Erik Walden for the past four seasons, will now be worn by Jabaal Sheard. It was initially strange that the Colts gave Freeney’s number away to a free agent the year after he left, but by now it seems clear that the number isn’t being regarded as anything special. Because of that, it’s unlikely that anything different will happen with Robert Mathis’ number 98, though that’s still available. It remains to be seen whether that number will be taken this year or not, but the Colts could always choose to leave that number unfilled this year before giving it out.

Along those lines, the only ‘official’ retired number for the Colts from the Indianapolis era is an incredibly obvious one: Peyton Manning’s number 18. No one will wear that number again for the Colts, and that meant that punter Jeff Locke had to change numbers, since he wore number 18 in Minnesota. He’s going with number 9 instead with the Colts (so it should be noted that Pat McAfee’s number 1 is still currently open too, like number 98).

Overall, there’s nothing that exciting about noting jersey numbers, but it at least gives fans an idea of what numbers to be looking for when next season rolls around, as there will be a ton of new faces with the Colts.

One other thing that should be pointed out from the roster are the positions for two of the team’s free agents. Margus Hunt is officially listed as a defensive end, which is where many thought he would fit and where it’s best for him to be, but that helps clear up some discussion about whether he’d be an outside linebacker or defensive end in Indy’s system. Additionally, Al Woods is officially listed as a nose tackle, so that should provide some clarity on where his primary defensive line position will be - meaning he’ll be competing with David Parry at the spot.