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Colts 2017 NFL Draft order officially set

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the coin flip to determine the Colts’ first round pick now officially over, we know their complete draft order for the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Colts will have seven picks in the upcoming draft, with one pick in each of the first six rounds with an additional pick in the fourth round.

Here’s their full draft order, according to

1st round - 15th overall pick

2nd round - 46th overall pick

3rd round - 80th overall pick

4th round - 122nd overall pick

4th round - 144th overall pick (compensatory pick)

5th round - 158th overall pick

6th round - 200th overall pick

The first round pick was determined by a coin flip today, and the winner of the flip picks 14th in the draft with the loser picking 15th. After that, however, the Colts and Vikings alternate between the 14th and 15th pick in each round.

Of course, this order doesn’t mean the Colts will actually pick in each of those spots, as they could make trades that move their draft position around. But for right now, this is where the Colts will be drafting. Their five picks in the first four rounds are the most they will enter a draft with since 2009. They also picked five times in the first four rounds of last year’s draft, but that was due to trading.

The Colts gained an extra pick in this year’s draft due to the compensatory pick process, as they were awarded an extra fourth round pick for the loss of Coby Fleener last offseason.

One last thing to note is that the Colts’ seventh round pick this year was sent to the Cleveland Browns for Billy Winn in 2015. It was a conditional seventh round pick and those conditions haven’t been disclosed, but they were obviously met. So the Colts won’t pick in the seventh round, but they’ll still have seven picks overall.