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NFL Combine 2017: Colts-centered Friday notebook

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a look at the pertinent information for Colts fans from today’s NFL Combine action:

Colts lose the coin flip

The biggest news from a Colts’ perspective today was the coin flip that took place to determine where Indy would be picking in the upcoming NFL Draft. The NFL turned it into a whole event, with NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano ‘interviewing’ the general managers right before the coin flip. It was actully kind of humorous because you could tell all three GMs - Chris Ballard of the Colts, Rick Spielman of the Vikings, and Howie Roseman of the Eagles - just wanted to get the flip over with. Eventually, Hall of Fame guard Will Shields flipped the coin, and the Colts lost.

That means that the Colts will pick 15th overall in this year’s draft, with the Eagles (who own the Vikings’ first round pick) picking 14th. The Colts and the Vikings will alternate after that, however, so Indianapolis will pick ahead of them in the second round. The first round pick is the most significant one, however, as even though it’s just a one pick difference it can still be important. According to the draft trade chart, the difference between the two picks is equivalent to an additional fourth round pick in trade value.

All of it does mean, though, that the Colts’ seven draft picks are now officially set.

On-field drills begin: Running backs impress

The on-field drills began today, and among the participants today were the running backs - which is especially pertinent to the Colts, who will surely be looking for a running back or two in the draft. The guy who stood out the most was probably Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey ran a 4.48 40-yard dash and ran a 6.57 in the 3-cone drill - the second-fastest for a running back at the Combine since 2003. It was, by most regards, an absolutely terrific performance by McCaffrey today at the Combine that should help push him even further into the first round conversation. He also went through some wide receiver drills too, and it sounds like he did well there also.

Here’s a look at McCaffrey going through the running back drills:

It should also be noted that Alvin Kamara had a very good day, as he had the best vertical jump (39.5) and broad jump (131.0) among running backs today, while also running a 4.56 40. NFL Media’s Bucky Brooks wrote that Kamara is one of the fastest risers at the Combine, in part because of his performance in interviews:

“I was told he crushed the interview portion of the event, exhibiting a high football IQ and energetic personality. Coaches raved about his understanding of the game, including pass protection and with run-blocking schemes.”

Kamara has become a favorite among a number of Colts fans wanting a running back, and in that regard his performance at the Combine might not be good news for Indianapolis as it likely will cause his stock to rise.

McCaffrey and Kamara were probably the two biggest standouts of the day for the running back group headlined by Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook. For full Combine results from Friday (running backs, offensive linemen, and special teamers), head here.

Mitch Trubisky working out with a former Colts quarterback

One of the top quarterback prospects, Mitch Trubisky, is working out with a former Colts quarterback as he prepares for the draft: Ryan Lindley. Yes, it would be easy to forget that Lindley was once a quarterback for the Colts, as he played in just one game for the team. But last year, he was signed for week 17 and wound up leading an impressive drive, completing 6-of-10 passes for 58 yards and a touchdown. An impressive Colts career, indeed.

“I’ve been working out in Irvine, California. My quarterbacks coach is Ryan Lindley and my trainer is Ryan Flaherty,” Trubisky explained today. “I’m with Rep1 Sports, so I’m out there. It’s been going great so far. Lindley’s helping me a lot with my footwork and just being more consistent, working under center, hitting all the throws that we need to do preparing for the Combine. And then Ryan Flaherty’s done a great job just preparing my body, get to where we need to be to run the 40 and do all the tests and all that. I feel healthy, I feel confident and it’s been a great process so far.”