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Tracking the prospects the Colts are meeting with at the 2017 NFL Combine

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of things that go on during NFL Combine week. Not only is it a time where the NFL world comes together in Indianapolis and a time where the GMs and coaches talk with the media, but it’s also a huge job interview for hundreds of the top prospects in the NFL Draft.

Those prospects have a very busy couple of days in Indy, which includes medical evaluations, measurements, and on-field workouts - plus the ever-important meetings with teams.

The meetings that teams have with prospects are only 15 minutes each, but they can be incredibly valuable. Teams want the chance to talk with prospects, whether it’s about questions the team may have or whether it’s simply to get to know the guy better. During the week, each team gets 60 such formal interviews, which is a lot but also narrowed down a lot from the couple hundred prospects in attendance.

“Fifteen minutes is not a big window,” Colts head coach Chuck Pagano mentioned last week during his press conference. “You get 60 formal interviews with these guys and we have all 60 of those lined up. It’s a snap shot, it’s a glimpse. It’s hard to really get to know somebody in that amount of time.”

Pagano did acknowledge the importance of those interviews, though, but maintained that the tape doesn’t lie about prospects - emphasizing that on-field play should be the ultimate factor, after which you begin digging into his character.

Pagano said the Colts have all 60 interviews lined up, but the teams don’t disclose those lists. So that leaves us to try to piece together who the Colts might be talking to from what different prospects say about who they’re meeting with, and we normally hear about a handful of guys the Colts met with at the Combine. To try to clear it up, we’re keeping a running list of the players the Colts meet with at the Combine this week, and we’ll update this list periodically throughout the rest of the Combine:

Tarell Basham, DE, Ohio

Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State (report)

Gerald Everett, TE, South Alabama (report)

Davon Godchaux, DT, LSU

Damien Mama, G, USC

Marcus Maye, S, Florida

Raekwon McMillian, LB, Ohio State (report)

Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford