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Colts draft 2017: Haason Reddick is the most common pick for the Colts in mock drafts

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mock drafts can be a tricky subject, because it can be hard to keep track of all of the different mock drafts from different analysts about what the Colts should do.

For the last several weeks, SB Nation’s Adam Stites has been keeping a really helpful running database of mock drafts, compiling them into pie charts for each team to help represent what the general thinking is about that team when it comes to their first round pick. He is currently factoring in 71 different mock drafts from various outlets and analysts, and while there’s still not much consensus about the Colts, at least there is now a clear frontrunner, Haason Reddick. Here’s a look at the pie chart:

Here’s how it’s broken down:

1. Haason Reddick, LB, Temple - 21.1%

2. Forrest Lamp, G, Western Kentucky - 11.3%

3. Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State - 9.9%

4. Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama - 8.5%

4. Takkarist McKinley, EDGE, UCLA - 8.5%

4. Derek Barnett, EDGE, Tennessee - 8.5%

7. Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford - 7%

8. Taco Charlton, EDGE, Michigan - 5.6%

8. Garrett Bolles, T, Utah - 5.6%

Furthermore, the category labeled ‘others’ made up 14.1% of the pie chart. This category includes any player that is picked by the Colts in less than five percent of the mock drafts surveyed. As an interesting note regarding the ‘others’ category, in past weeks when we have looked at this chart this category was the largest piece of the pie. But this week, Haason Reddick has overtaken that distinction, helping show that this is the most consensus there has been yet in mock drafts.

Reddick had a good collegiate career at Temple and has since been quickly rising up draft boards as he has displayed his athleticism. He projects to a 3-4 inside linebacker in the Colts’ system, but his ability to get after the quarterback also means that he could play on the edge in certain situations and could help with the pass rush. He’s a versatile, athletic, playmaking linebacker, and that would certainly help the Colts defense. It’s interesting to see that Reddick is the most common pick for the Colts by a significant margin too, especially since there is so much disagreement over who the team should take.

That disagreement is reflected by the rest of the rankings, as you’ll notice after Reddick (a linebacker) comes an offensive lineman and a running back. In all, the players included in this ranking make up three EDGE defenders, two linebackers, two offensive linemen, and two running backs - so, again, quite a wide variety of ideas not only about the player but also about the position focus.