Hankins Contract- Ballard did it again

Wow, Ballard is some kind of wizard or something when it comes to contracts. I know Grigson was decent in this aspect as well, but Ballard just signed what, our 14th guy and didn't offer a single penny in guaranteed money beyond 2017. We didn't get some of the top notch guys that a lot of us hoped for, but we got solid to potentially really good players that we can cut anytime after this year without being charged anything if they don't pan out. Hankins, Sheard, Doyle, Simon, etc. All good players, but all can be cut without any dead money in 2018 if need be. Anyone else remember paying on Cherilus or RJF after they were gone! Ugh.

So here is the deal with Hankins. 10.5 mil all guaranteed this year. 8 mil not guaranteed next year and 8.5 not guaranteed in 2019. Now, if he stays on the roster past a certain point some of that salary gets locked in, but if he tanked this year and we really wanted to, we could cut him next offseason without paying anything beyond the 10.5 this year. It's really a nice 1 year "prove it" deal with 2 more years up to the team if they think he is worth it. He also has 3 mil in incentives (pro bowls, sacks, etc.) but if he is that good, I think we will all be glad to pay it. That is how he gets to the 30 mil mark.

Great deal for the Colts! Better than getting bad back Poe for 1 year. We pay a bit more for a healthier guy who is locked in for 2 additional years if we decide to keep him. Nice job Chris Ballard!

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