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Report: David Parry pleads guilty to two counts from recent arrest

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

A month ago, Colts nose tackle David Parry was arrested in Arizona over charges stemming from an alcohol-related golf cart incident.

Parry has apparently pled guilty to two counts. According to TMZ (h/t to CBS4), Parry has pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct, as well as one felony count of attempting to commit unlawful means of transportation. TMZ further notes that Parry has been charged with two counts of extreme DUI, though that is in a separate court.

TMZ notes that the sentencing will take place next month and that Parry could face up to three years in jail. And, of course, Parry will also be subject to discipline from the NFL too under their personal conduct policy.

The Indianapolis Star’s Stephen Holder spoke with Parry’s attorney and confirmed the plea deal, but noted that Parry’s sentencing (on May 31) will be to determine how long his supervised probation will be and that Parry will avoid jail time as part of the plea deal.

This whole incident certainly isn’t a great look for Parry by any means, and it was a strange one too. Reports at the time said that Parry, who was allegedly drunk, had hit a golf cart driver in the back of the head, stolen the golf cart, and crashed it.

That put Parry’s status with the Colts in immediate doubt once the details of the incident surfaced, but so far the Colts haven’t made a move to release Parry yet. They have, however, added a lot of competition for him on the roster. The Colts signed Al Woods to compete at nose tackle, and the biggest signing was Johnathan Hankins, who will come in and start in the middle of the defensive line. That leaves Parry’s spot on the roster very much in doubt just from a football standpoint, and much more so when you factor in his recent arrest.

“Well right now he’s competing,” GM Chris Ballard said last week in an interview with 1070 the Fan. “He’s competing to play, competing to make the roster. That’s where he’s at. David’s a good player. David played a lot of snaps. He’s tough, he plays with great leverage, but he’s competing like the rest of the guys to make the roster.”

Since he was drafted in the fifth round of the draft a couple of years ago, Parry has started all 32 games at nose tackle for the Colts in his two seasons. He’s been a two-year starter and while he hasn’t been a true difference-maker (like Hankins can be), he’s been solid. Whether or not his time with the Colts will continue into the 2017 season, however, remains to be seen.