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NFL Draft 2017: Colts pick up extra pick by trading down with 49ers in fourth round

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have traded back in the fourth round, picking up extra picks. The San Francisco traded up to the Colts’ 121st overall spot to select Utah running back Joe Williams.

The Colts received a fourth round pick and a fifth round pick this year from the 49ers, picks number 143 and 161 overall.

The Colts will still select three times in the fourth round, as they’ll pick 137th overall, 143rd overall, and 144th overall. They’ll have back-to-back picks to end the fourth round. They also pick up a fifth round pick, so they’ll pick 158th overall and 161st overall in the fifth round. This means that the Colts will now pick five times in a 24 pick span.

The 49ers’ 143rd overall pick was a compensatory pick, so it’s certainly significant that this year is the first year that those compensatory picks can be traded.

If you go by the traditional Jimmy Johnson trade chart, the Colts clearly come out ahead in this trade, with their two picks gained making up 61.5 points and the 121st pick worth 52 points. If you go by a more modern chart, like the one Rich Hill put together recently, the Colts still come out ahead, with their pickup amounting to 23.11 points and the 121st pick amounting to 22.09. So it seems like a good trade for the Colts, especially if they had a lot of guys rated similarly. That’s most likely the case, so trading down and picking up an extra fifth round pick makes sense.

Here’s a complete look at the Colts’ picks in the 2017 NFL Draft:

1st round, 15th overall: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

2nd round, 46th overall: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida

3rd round, 80th overall: Tarell Basham, EDGE, Ohio

4th round, 121st overall (traded to San Francisco 49ers)

4th round, 137th overall (from New England Patriots)

4th round, 143rd overall (from San Francisco 49ers)

4th round, 144th overall (compensatory)

5th round, 158th overall

5th round, 161st overall (from San Francisco 49ers)

The Colts picked up an extra fourth round pick (137th overall) from the New England Patriots earlier this offseason in exchange for tight end Dwayne Allen and their sixth round pick. That’s where the team’s sixth round pick went, and their seventh round pick was traded early in the 2015 season to the Cleveland Browns as a conditional draft choice for Billy Winn. The Colts also received an extra fourth round pick this year (144th overall) as a compensatory pick because of the departure of tight end Coby Fleener to the New Orleans Saints last offseason. They made a trade on day three of the draft to send the 121st overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for the 143rd and 161st overall picks.

To keep up with all of the picks throughout the league in the 2017 NFL Draft, check out our draft tracker here.