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Indianapolis Colts undrafted free agent signings tracker

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

DThe 2017 NFL Draft is drawing to a close, and that means that the undrafted free agent period is getting ready to begin.

Teams are already calling agents and players about wanting to sign the player if he should go undrafted, and once the seventh round ends those moves will start happening in rapid succession.

The Colts have typically been very good at identifying undrafted free agents and have had at least one UDFA make their week one 53-man roster for the last 18 seasons, one of the longest active streaks in the NFL. Last year, four UDFAs made the week one roster - Matthias Farley, Josh Ferguson, Curt Maggitt, and Chester Rogers.

So this year, we should expect at least one or two undrafted free agents who really make a push to make the roster. Considering players already on the roster under contract, plus the eight draft picks, the Colts’ 90-man roster stands at 83 players. That leaves seven spots for undrafted free agent signings, but I’d expect the Colts to make some cuts to free up room for more rookie signings. Plus, we could see the Colts invite guys to rookie camp too. Chris Ballard said Saturday night that they will likely have 60-65 players participating in their rookie mini-camp.

The Colts should officially announce their undrafted free agent signings within the next few days, but reports leak out almost instantly after the draft. So we’ll be keeping track of the reports about players who have signed with the Colts and will update this article as more reports come in. But keep in mind that none of this is official until the Colts announce it, so there could be a few that are missed or that are inaccurate. Plus, there are some guys who might be tryouts but say they signed, or players who change their mind, etc.

Anyway, we’ll be tracking the Colts’ reported UDFA signings below:


Darrell Daniels, TE, Washington

Phillip Walker, QB, Temple

Dalton Crossan, RB, New Hampshire

Bug Howard, WR, North Carolina

Brandon Radcliff, RB, Louisville

Chris Muller, OL, Rutgers

Jerry Ugokwe, OL, William & Mary

Deyshawn Bond, OL, Cincinnati

Colin Jeter, TE, LSU

Jack Nelson, QB, Winona State (mini-camp tryout)

Trey Griffey, WR, Arizona

Jerome Lane, WR, Akron

Jakhari Gore, RB, Marian (mini-camp tryout)

Jakori Ford, RB, Idaho State

Brandon Radcliff, RB, Louisville


Jhaustin Thomas, DE, Iowa State

Garrett Sickels, DE, Penn State

Tyson Graham, S, South Dakota (mini-camp tryout)

Tau Lotulelei, LB, UNLV (mini-camp tryout)

Reggie Porter, CB, Utah

Justin Gibbons, CB, Aurora

Martez Hester, S, Ball State

Chris Lyles, DB, Mississippi College

Dante Blackmon, DB, Kennesaw State (mini-camp tryout)

Noor Davis, LB, Stanford (mini-camp tryout)

Special Teams:

Thomas Hennessy, LS, Duke

Rigoberto Sanchez, K/P, Hawaii