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What is the Colts’ biggest remaining need this offseason?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts entered the offseason with a lot of needs and, despite making 13 signings so far in free agency, they still have a lot of needs as we get closer to the NFL Draft.

But what’s their biggest need? That’s a question that ESPN had their writers answer for each NFL team, and for the Colts Mike Wells said that the biggest need is a pass rusher:

The Colts have added 10 free agents, which is the most that they've signed during the free-agency period, but none of the linebackers they've signed are coming to Indianapolis with a reputation of being difference-making pass-rushers. Colts general manager Chris Ballard is not shutting the door on signing more free agents, but the draft may be the best bet for them to address pass rushing talent considering the free-agent market is drying up. The Colts finished tied for 19th in the NFL with 33 sacks last season.

Wells is absolutely right about pass rusher still being a huge need. It would be erroneous to assume that just because the Colts signed three outside linebackers they’ve addressed their pass rush, because that’s not true. The guys the Colts signed can get after the quarterback at times, but none of them are true pass rushers. Ideally, they’d be the replacements for Erik Walden on the strongside while a true pass rusher plays on the other side.

That makes a pass rusher a huge need still, and that hasn’t really changed much this offseason. The Colts have some guys who might be able to get after the quarterback, but you could have said the same thing about Erik Walden with his eleven sacks - not true pass rushers, but still capable of generating some pressure and production there. So the position is still just as much of a need as it was earlier this offseason.

So pass rusher is still a huge need, but you could argue for another position being an even bigger one: cornerback. The Colts have Vontae Davis and Rashaan Melvin, but it’s clear that they need more help there. Cornerback has been a need all along, and the release of Patrick Robinson this offseason just made that more clear. Then inside linebacker, running back, defensive line, safety, offensive line, etc. could all be considered needs as well to varying degrees. But I think pass rusher and cornerback are the two biggest needs, and the Colts should focus on both of those areas in the draft. The good news is that it seems they realize that full well.

What about you? What do you think the Colts’ biggest need is?


What is the Colts’ biggest remaining need?

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