The case to trade Vontae Davis

Richard Sherman has been making recent headlines, as Seattle is open to trading him. Like Sherman, our very own Vontae Davis will be 29 this offseason. Next year when Davis is looking for a new contract, he will be 30 during the offseason. After a brilliant 2014, he has had 2 progressively worse years. I know, I know, injuries and no pass rush, but the injuries aren't getting better as he nears 30 and while we got 2 decent edge setters in FA, we are currently no better off than we were with Walden last year in terms of pass rush. The odds that we get a game changer to rush the QB in the draft for 2017 seems slim (note: we can definitely get a young rookie that will be good long term, but most guys don't come in like Joey Bosa and change things from the start).

New England has done this so many times. Seattle is catching on, and doing the same now with Sherman. When a guy is getting past his prime and near the end of his contract, if there is a market for him, make a move. I realize we have almost nothing behind VD, but we are NOT in "win now" mode. While it's possible we could compete for the AFC South, it's only because Luck is the only legit QB (TBD on Mariota) in the division and we have virtually no chance to make a playoff run. Chuck is a lame duck coach, we didn't get any FA that will be here long term (zero guaranteed money beyond 2017 is a pretty strong sign) and we flat out will not win anything meaningful without a better pass rush, better coverage (VD or no VD), a NT who can eat up a few lineman, some ILB's who can play all 3 downs effectively, a RB who is actually explosive, and a OL that can open holes for the RB. We are not filling all of those holes in the draft. I do think the OL can get there, but this is still very much a year to grow and get acclimated. For all of the other above mentioned positions, we have almost nothing.

I'm all for Ballard's idea of building through the draft. So why wait and let Vontae go into FA next year? If he had 2 or 3 years left, I wouldn't be pushing for this, as we could still build around and with him. Yes, we COULD get a comp pick if we let him walk, but it might be a 4th rounder at best or more likely, cancelled out if we spend some of the 70+ million we have estimated as of right now. We are not likely losing much in FA next year besides Vontae, and I don't see anyway that we don't add a few guys at least similar to this year with that much cap space. Trade Vontae for a 2nd or 3rd rounder to some team who thinks he will put them over the top in 2017 and use that pick on his eventual replacement. They likely won't be better than him next year, but it will be a move that helps us long term.

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