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Andrew Aziz’s Seven-Round Colts Mock Draft 1.0

NCAA Football: Penn State at Temple Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

There’s only a few weeks left until the draft, so it’s time to unveil my first Colts-only mock draft. This mock draft was done using the FanSpeak simulator. This mock draft would solve a lot of the Colts’ issues on defense while addressing a key need on offense. So, have it at!

1st Round — 15th Overall Pick
Haason Reddick — Inside Linebacker / Edge Defender — Temple

I’m a big fan of versatile players, and Reddick definitely fits that bill. The athletic standout who had a great week at the Senior Bowl could fit in well with the Colts’ defense. My opinion of Reddick has grown tremendously since the Senior Bowl, where he was arguably the best player in Mobile on either side of the ball. While he is undersized for an edge defender in the NFL, I can see him being a very good JACK linebacker for the Colts. He reminds me of Ryan Shazier, who is an “undersized” linebacker for the Steelers. Reddick’s athleticism and instincts will make up for his size and he should be a very solid player for the Colts. Reddick can be dangerous when coming downhill as he possesses great speed and instincts when rushing the passer. He is explosive and knows how to get from point A to point B very quickly. He is one of the best players on the board and we know that Ballard will go with a BPA strategy, so this seems like the sensible pick for the Colts.

2nd Round — 46th Overall Pick
Kevin King — Cornerback — Washington

The long, athletic cornerback fills a big need on the Colts and is one of the best players on the board. The cornerback class is stacked and the Colts will have plenty of good cornerback options in the 2nd round. King would come in and start as a #2 cornerback and provide the Colts with much needed secondary help.

3rd Round — 80th Overall Pick
Carlos Watkins — Interior Defensive Lineman — Clemson

It’s never bad to go with a big man along the defensive line. The top defenses in the NFL have a great rotation along the defensive line, and in order to have a great rotation, you need to have solid depth. By taking Watkins, the Colts acquire an athletic big man who would fit in well as a one-gap 5 technique defensive end (even though he played as a 3 tech in college). He wouldn’t start right away, but he would serve as a very good rotational player.

4th Round — 121st Overall Pick
Kareem Hunt — Running Back — Toledo

Hunt is a day 2 talent but with all the talented running backs in this year’s draft, I expect him to be there in the 4th round. Hunt is a well built, versatile runner with very good vision. In my opinion, he’s the most underrated running back in this year’s class and can start his career as a great number 2 running back to Frank Gore. Ideally, his career path is similar to that of Carlos Hyde’s (#2 running back who replaces Frank Gore).

4th Round — 137th Overall Pick
Rasul Douglas — Cornerback — West Virginia

Two cornerbacks in 4 rounds? In 2015, the Chiefs drafted 2 cornerbacks in the first 3 rounds so it’s definitely a possibility for the Colts. Douglas is another tall, stocky cornerback who is physical at the point of attack and can tackle well. Because of his good tackling ability, he could serve as a very good player in the slot/nickel position. The Colts need to rebuild their secondary, so going with another cornerback in the 4th round could slowly help things.

4th Round — 144th Overall Pick (Compensatory Pick)
John Johnson — Safety — Boston College

Let the secondary rebuild continue! Johnson is a versatile defensive back who is a very fluid athlete in coverage. Johnson is a very good, experienced player in coverage and he tracks the ball well when in the air. With the Colts losing Mike Adams, they could use a player who plays the center-field position well. Even though Darius Butler is expected to switch to safety, Johnson serves as a very good depth player and could start sooner rather than later.

5th Round — 158th Overall Pick
Justin Senior — Offensive Tackle/Guard — Mississippi State

I may have a soft spot for him since he’s from Montreal, but Senior has good potential and a good frame to work with. He won’t be pressed to start early on, but would provide good depth along the offensive line. While he spent his college career as a tackle, I feel he has the versatility (knee bend, hand placement) to play inside.