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Colts officially announce five new additions to their personnel department

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts today officially announced five new additions to their personnel department, which has been expected and reported for the past few weeks.

Ed Dodds and Rex Hogan are joining the Colts as co-VPs of Player Personnel. Morocco Brown is joining the team as the Director of College Scouting, while Kyle Childress will be the College Scouting Coordinator. And then Brian Decker has been hired as a Player Personnel Strategist.

Ever since the Colts hired Chris Ballard as their GM earlier this offseason, it has been widely expected that he would surround himself with a very good and capable scouting and personnel staff, though those changes don’t typically happen until after the draft. Sure enough, following this year’s NFL Draft the Colts did make a few changes, and the new hires are now official - though they’ve been reported and even Chris Ballard openly talked about a few of them earlier this week.

Combined, these five men have 52 years of NFL experience in a variety of roles, and from the way people talk about them they seem to be really solid hires by the Colts.

Ed Dodds spent the past ten seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, serving as College Scouting Director, a national scout, and most recently their Senior Personnel Executive for the last two seasons.

Red Hogan spent twelve years with the Chicago Bears before most recently serving as the Senior Director of College Scouting for the New York Jets for the past two years.

Brown actually started as a scouting intern with the Indianapolis Colts in 2000, then was an assistant scout for the Washington Redskins for two seasons before he became the Assistant Director of Pro Personnel for the Chicago Bears for seven seasons (2001-2007). He then was the Redskins’ Director of Player Personnel for six years (2008-2013) and most recently was the VP of Player Personnel for the Cleveland Browns (2014-2015).

Childress was an intern and scouting assistant for the Minnesota Vikings for five seasons (2006-2010) and spent the last two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs as the Senior Assistant to Head Coach Andy Reid.

Decker is a former Green Beret who helped revolutionize the way the military evaluates candidates for the special forces, and he brought that experience to the Cleveland Browns as a Player Personnel Strategist for two seasons (2014-2015).