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Marlon Mack to represent Colts at NFLPA Rookie Premiere this weekend

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Every year, the NFLPA puts on the Rookie Premiere for some of the top and most exciting rookies from that year’s draft class.

This year, the Indianapolis Colts will be represented by running back Marlon Mack, the team’s fourth round pick.

Some might be wondering why Mack was invited to attend, since he was actually the Colts’ fifth draft selection this year. But a big part of the Rookie Premiere is marketing and giving these players the opportunity to meet with companies and other marketers and brands, while also providing the opportunity for photos, autographs, and more. So, in other words, this is almost always for offensive skill position players.

To illustrate that point, one only needs to take a glance at the list of the 40 attendees this year - which is entirely made up of quarterbacks, running back, wide receivers, and tight ends. That’s it - not even first overall pick Myles Garrett will be attending.

It will be a good opportunity for Mack to receive some exposure with marketers and things like that, and he’s the first Colt to attend the Rookie Premiere since Phillip Dorsett in 2015 (again, because it’s mainly about offensive skill position players).

This year’s Rookie Premiere will take place from May 18-20 in Beverly Hills, California.