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Colts to begin training camp on July 29

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp

The Indianapolis Colts will be staying at home for training camp this year for the first time ever, and that means that some fans might not care as much about the camp schedule as in years past.

But I think most people will still want to know when training camp begins, and it seems we now have a date for that. In a video tweeted out today by the Colts regarding the start of OTAs, reporter Caroline Cann mentioned that players will be off after their mandatory mini-camp on June 13-15, after which “it’s summer break until training camp begins on July 29.”

So there you have it: the Colts will begin training camp on Saturday, July 29. This shouldn’t be any surprise, however, as teams are allowed to begin camp 15 days before their first preseason game. The Colts’ first preseason game is on Sunday, August 13, which makes July 29 the first day they could begin camp.

That also means that fans will get to see the Colts quite early in training camp, as on Sunday, July 30 they will hold an open practice for fans at Lucas Oil Stadium. That will be just the second day of camp for the Colts, which as a side note means that it will be a non-contact practice with no pads (as mandated by the CBA).

Things will be quite different for the Colts in training camp this year due to the fact that they’re staying home, but camp is nevertheless always an exciting time filled with hope for every NFL team. The start of training camp in many ways represents the turning of the page fully to the 2017 season, and for the Colts that will begin on July 29.