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The NFL is easing up on touchdown celebration penalties

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

For the last few years one of the things that fans have been critical of the NFL about is for being the “No Fun League,” especially as it pertained to cracking down on celebrations.

Players were often penalized for excessive celebration, which basically just meant any kind of celebration that was even somewhat memorable and/or used a prop. But it sounds like the league has heard the concerns of fans and players and is easing up on those regulations.

In my opinion, this is a good change that shows that the NFL heard some of the concerns, and Roger Goodell took the time to met with players to hear their concerns. Now, players will be able to express themselves a bit more in celebrations, which should lead to much more memorable moments following a touchdown. There really wasn’t any harm in allowing players to celebrate, and the league now realizes that. It sounds like some celebrations still won’t be allowed, but they’re the obvious ones and I don’t think many will mind that as long as the NFL gives freedom for other kinds of celebrations.

Of course, the Colts don’t really have a ton of guys who celebrate in a memorable way anyway, as probably the most memorable is T.Y. Hilton’s “T.Y.” celebration. Pat McAfee had some good ones after some great punts, though, and he also had one planned for an epic touchdown celebration - one that might have had Adam Vinatieri kicking a 60-yard extra point after the flags. He told the story earlier this offseason:

That would have been great to see. It still might be penalized due to it being too long, but for the most part the league is easing up on the strictness of touchdown celebrations. That’s for the best, both for fans and for players.