Why I’m a Fan of the Colts

I didn't grow up in Baltimore or Indianapolis. When I was 8 years old, I went to the school library and found a book called "Johnny Unitas And The Long Pass". I checked that book out twelve times over that year. In fact, my teacher had to tell me that I needed to check out other books. But from that time on, I loved the Colts. I watched the Colts, lead by Bert Jones, lose to the Steelers that year in the playoffs. I was so disappointed for the Colts to lose but all I wanted to do was read more about the Colts and watch them. Growing up in Iowa, I would maybe see the Colts once a year on TV. My love for the Colts was unshakeable regardless of how the team performed on the field. The first year ESPN held the NFL draft on TV, my mom let me stay home from school so I could see who the Colts drafted. And I have watched the draft on TV every year since then, looking forward to it like a small boy looks forward to Christmas. I am just so excited to see how the Colts do.

I bought NFL Sunday Ticket the first year it was offered to consumers, so luckily I have gotten to watch every single Colts game since then. I think that was 1994. I own roughly twenty Colts jerseys, various pictures and posters, bobble heads, and autographed items. I would consider my most prized Colts possession to be my football signed by both John Unitas and Peyton Manning.

The Cots are literally the love of my life. I am a single father who raises a now teenage girl. When I have met women for dates, I always tell them I can never love them more than the Colts. Possibly as much. The Colts always make me happy and never let me down no matter their record. So that is why I am a fan of the Colts!

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