Why I'm a Colts Fan

Being born and raised in a small town in Indiana, there were two things i noticed when i was young. First, there was and still is alot of corn being grown and harvested...and then there was IU basketball. Indiana has historically been regarded as a basketball state, with basketball hoops hanging from the side of barns, standing erect in driveways, and the numerous parks with a basketball court where you would find the youth of the state playing pickup games to prepare themselves for their upcoming seasons... being born in the late 70s, I too was one of these young Hoosiers with IU basketball as the top sporting team in our state. Yes, there was Note Dame football, but it too seemed much less of the states team, then the mighty Bob Knight led Indiana Hoosiers. Then it happened..I remember seeing the Mayflower trucks rolling down the highway towards our state capital. As a young athlete, I was a fan of football,baseball, and of course basketball; I welcomed the idea of a professional football team... and so it began. Previous to the Colts coming to Indianapolis, the Chicago Bears,Cincinnati Bengals,Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers seemed to be the most popularly televised teams in our region. I enjoyed watching the Chicago Bears as they featured a defense that was ferocious (The Monsters of The Midway), as well as a running back nicknamed Sweetness (Walter Payton). I remember the joy I felt watching the success this team had, following them through therir Superbowl victory vs the New England Patriots. I couldn't wait to have a "home" team to cheer for, as I envisioned this new Indianapolis Colts team that arrived in Indianapolis doing the superbowl shuffle, just as the Bears had done. Unfortunately, it didn't go the way I had envisioned, but I trusted in the organization to put them in a situation to succeed after leaving Baltimore in the early morning hours. Ready to begin fresh, as they head to a city building them a new stadium (The Hoosier Dome) well as a new fan base. From the early qb play of Pagel, Trudeau, Jeff George, to Captain Comeback Jim Harbaugh. There was enough lumps to be taken. Yet the Colts had a plan...and eventually, they became relevant as Harbaugh did just enough to win close games by the way of their defense playing solid. After being cheated, by losing the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh, I was sold! They lost the game because the NFL did not want to continue using Instant Replay, and Kordell Stewart caught the go ahead score late in the game, while CLEARLY BEING OUT OF BOUNDS. The Colts should have went ti the Superbowl , and I was hooked !!! They had arrived!!!! It has been alot of fun as it is a family affair for me with a ever growing love for our Colts. When the sheriff came to town...That was a great time to be a Colts Fan!!! Peyton Manning....WOW! Marshall Faulk to Edgerrin to Addai, Marvin to Stokely to Reggie,Dilger to Pollard to Clark... What an offensive juggernaut!!! Bill Polish came to Indianapolis and put his fingerprints all over the roster. We were the winningest organization for the decade, capping off the greatness with a championship in Superbowl 41. Peyton led the Colts back a few yrs later vs a New Orleans Saints team that had a courageous young coach in Sean Payton. Who kicks an onside kick to begin the 2nd half when trailing by more then 1 possesion? Sean Payton!!! Dangit...then came time for Manning and Irsay to part ways, and IMO was done in a classy way. Manning with a neck injury, having had fusion surgery with no gurantee of his return to the field was let go, ending one hell of a run for the city of Indianapolis and the great state of Indiana...the transition from a basketball state to a football state was ushered in by none only then the great Peyton Manning!!! Now we have a bright future with Andrew Luck, as he enters his prime Indy has strengthened the front office,personnel,players,etc... I can't wait to be a part of this teams success once again. After a few disappointing seasons going 8-8...Watch Out NFL!!! HERE COMES THE STAMPEDE!!! GoHorse!!!!!

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