Why I Am A Colts Fan

Im A 65 year old Almost life long Colts and UT fan born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee . In about 1958 59 I would visit my Uncles house they were rich enough to own a TV. On Sundays the NFL would be on and back then the Colts were on a lot , being a horse and cowboy fan (not Dallas fan) I loved the Horseshoe on the helmet, still do!! I loved the Colts from the first time I laid eyes on the shoe. Drawing a horseshoe on my play helmet and putting #19 on my extra large T shirt jersey we would play sandlot football I woul get to be Johnny U.. we moved North to Indiana in 1966. I stayed a Colts fan true and blue.. in 1978 I as a adult traveled to Cleveland to see my first Colts game. In about 1980 I seen the great Bert Jones play at Cincinnati.. when the Colts moved to Indy it was a prayer answered now I could go regularly to Colts games. About 17 years ago I got season tickets! When the Colts Drafted Peyton it was another prayer answered (thank you Jesus) still own my tickets and love the Colts just as much as I did when I was a child.. Go Colts!!

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