Why I’m a Fan of the Indianapolis Colts

I am not American nor do I live in the US. I do, however, follow US sports very closely.

I am a 24 year old Belizean living in Belize, and I started following the Indianapolis Colts as soon as I got into football at around 2012. "American Football" is not really that popular over here in Central America/The Caribbean. Soccer, basketball, cricket, baseball and even cycling are more popular sports, and I always found football confusing whenever I occasionally stumbled upon a live game as I was flipping channels. I eventually, over the years, started understanding the game a bit and I followed the top NFL/NCAAF news occasionally, but rarely watched the sport.

One day in early 2012, however, I saw a lot of hype in my FB newsfeed about the playoffs. A girl I found attractive was talking about how this years playoffs would be "a Brees" for the Saints (I was always familiar with the big names in any sports by following sports news religiously), so I tuned in for the playoffs and eventually saw Eli and the Giants beat the Patriots in the superbowl. I was hooked to the game, something about it pulled me in as soon as I could start making sense of what was happening. Now all I needed was a team.

The way I usually choose an American team to follow is that I find a particular player who I really like, and then follow his team. A couple of times it has been a top college prospect and I then started following the team that drafted them. This was the case with the Colts. I saw this young college kid being hyped up as The Next Big Thing, Andrew Luck. He was my type of guy too: reserved, smart, somewhat geeky and extremely talented. I saw his Stanford highlights (and I have always had a thing for anything Stanford) and I said, man, this guy is awesome!! (I was mainly basing this on hype as I knew very little about his game or even the game itself). Eventually the Colts drafted him and I became a fan. I was fully involved in the process from that moment on. I remember watching the first pre-season game and Andrew's first pass going for a touchdown, ushering in even more Manning comparisons (in Belize, we somehow have a lot of [probably illegal] channels from all over the US. We get like 140+ channels as our cable package of around $20 US).

Soon after, football became my favorite sport and I even follow it more than soccer, the sport I grew up with. It has been a learning curve, that is for sure. Even tho it has been a few years, the complex nature of the sport still has me learning a lot at times. I will admit, I am no football expert, not even close. I only know the very basics of offensive and defensive schemes and plays, but I try to learn as I go along. Sometimes I post things on this site that are obviously misinformed, but it is because my knowledge lacks in some areas. But I plan to keep learning. I do visit this site every day. I enjoy reading the comments, and I read most articles that Josh and the others post, as well as the fanposts. I don't see this obsession going away any time soon.

Tl;dr: Colts drafted Andrew Luck, been a fan since.

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