Why I’m a fan of the Indianapolis Colts: iNDyRohyans

I grew up in a moderate sports fans household. My family didn't watch a ton of sports. However, one thing we always watched together was Purdue football.

My Mom and Dad would get into the games. I didn't really understand football until maybe around 10-11 years old when I started playing with my friends in the backyard. I actually kinda disliked watching football (or any sport really), because I found the games boring growing up and would always just rather play the games myself. (That's of course changed now). I also was the odd man out at school when it came to football teams. My grade had about 400 kids in it. 300 of those kids were Ohio State fans, 99 of them were *ichigan fans, and yep I was the 1 Purdue fan.

Then I got an N64 in 1998 and I started playing with NFL teams on NFL Blitz and later Madden. I remember John Elway and the Broncos. I always picked them because it was the only team I could win with. My cousin / best friend would always want to play as them too. So we would pick other teams sometimes. He was a hard core Colts fan from birth. The Colts weren't that great on the first few games we bought. They had Peyton in his Rookie season and he just wasn't that great yet. My cousin would beat me with them when I would pick Favre and the Packers or even Elway and the Broncos. I didn't know how it was possible!

Then the next year the Colts became amazing in real life and on the video games! I couldn't believe it! So I started watching them. Not every game, (they were rarely on in Ohio), but if they were on I would try to watch them.

Over the Manning years it was hard to watch the teams be so dominate in the regular season and choke in the playoffs. But in 2006 I decided enough was enough.

I was going to a playoff game.

I felt if I could be there, the team would win for some reason. My uncle was a season ticket holder (front row seats at the end zone where Marvin would catch his deadly slants, outs and fades). He gladly sold us the tickets since most were expecting us to lose to the Chiefs in the Wild Card round that year.

Our team was far less talented then the year before; no Edge, one of the worst run defenses in the league, etc. We were going up against one of the top 5 ground attacks in the NFL that year with Larry Johnson and the Chiefs. But I knew Bob Sanders was coming back and he would make his presence felt. Sure enough, my Dad and I witnessed one of the best defensive performance in recent Colts history. I will never forget that game. As many on this site know, that year ended pretty well for the Colts. I think my whole family on that day became a little more of a Colts family than just a Purdue family. (Also, I am a proud Buckeye now...)

Since that game I have gone to numerous other games and become one of the biggest homers on this fan site. ;) As fate would have it, I ended up getting tickets to the amazing wild card Colts vs. Chiefs game in 2014 when the team came back from 28 points down in the second half. So don't worry, if we ever play the Chiefs in the playoffs you can bet I will be there so the Colts secure a victory!!

Go Colts!


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