Why I'm a Fan of the Indianapolis Colts

My dad was always a Colts fan so naturally I became one. I remember when I was about 7 yrs old Dan Marino and the Dolphins were the biggest thing since sliced bread. I begged my parents to buy me one of those fluffy NFL winter coats that were so popular back in the day. Being as young as I was I didn't know any better and wanted to fit in with the rest of the kids and picked a Dolphins jacket. My dad just shook his head but got it for me anyway.

Fast forward the next year and I learned my lesson and was forever a loyal Colts fan although not die hard yet until my early teens.

My father passed away at a young age when I was 15. Sundays were always a bonding experience for us while watching the Colts and after he passed away Sundays were one of the things that brought me closest to his memory. From that time on I was an absolute die hard fan.

It made it even better when Peyton came into the league in 98' and tore up the NFL landscape. Dad didn't have too many good Colts seasons while he was still with us except maybe for a Harbaugh year here and there, but he was a loyal fan.

My fandom grew even more when Jim Irsay was about to move the team to California (or at least allegedly). It was very exciting too see Peyton and those Colts teams play so well, that it persuaded the city of Indianapolis to build a new stadium to keep its NFL franchise. You cant make those kinds of story lines up. "Star quarterback and his team save city from NFL franchise leaving". That's what its all about in Indiana, we love our sports and will pony up to keep them.

I have many reasons why I am a die hard Colts fan. These are just the bullet points.

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